15 Items to Sell on Amazon Without Any Money

If you have always wanted to sell items online, but lack the capital to launch your business, you’ll be relieved to know that you can sell on Amazon without any money. While navigating Amazon’s platform may sound daunting, it is a straightforward process that you can execute without paying any fees. 

We will explain how to set up an account and start selling your items on Amazon without any money. We will also cover how to check the demand and saleability of the products you intend to sell through Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking system. Lastly, we list 15 items to sell on Amazon without any money that are popular products with high consumer demand and no extra fees for listing or shipping.

Selling Items on Amazon’s Platform

We will guide you through a step-by-step protocol on setting up your free Amazon account, followed by how to go about collecting and selling products on their platform. However, we need to first cover information related to Amazon’s fees for selling products on their site.


While you can set up an account and list your products with no additional fees, there are two basic fees that Amazon charges to use their platform: referral fees and individual per-item fees

Referral fees are set percentages of the value of your product that you must pay to Amazon. Amazon generally charges 15% referral fees or commission; that is, 15% of your sale’s profit goes to Amazon.

Individual per-item fees are $0.99 for every item you sell through Amazon. In total, your fees are the 15% commission plus an additional $0.99 for every item you sell. You don’t have to pay these fees right off the bat as they appear as post-sale charges.

Creating an Account with No Money

To create a free account on Amazon, you will have to choose the option for “individual seller account” instead of the professional seller account, which will incur a $39.99 monthly subscription fee. Individual seller accounts are free to set up, and they have no monthly subscription fees. 

Upon choosing the “individual seller account” option, simply follow Amazon’s prompts for the personal information they need to open your account. It is a quick and easy set-up, and once complete, you’re ready to start selling items immediately.

How Do You Sell Products on Amazon Without Spending Money?

To begin selling items on Amazon for free, you will first need to source your home for sellable items you have lying around. After you’ve taken stock of free items you have on hand, you can begin to list them on Amazon.

To list products on Amazon, you must check to see if the product you want to sell is already listed. Considering the thousands of items sold on Amazon, chances are, you’ll find your product’s listing already exists in Amazon’s database. That said, there are handmade and custom items that may not be listed, in which case you will have to create a listing name for them yourself. 

For the most part, you can find your product’s listing by using the same protocol you use when shopping for a product on Amazon. You use the search bar on Amazon’s main page to look for a product as if you were shopping. If you know the exact name of the product, you can type it in, or you can use a descriptive phrase. A list of items will appear, so scroll down to find the item that you are selling. 

You will then navigate to the listed item’s page, and instead of pressing “Buy”, you will press the button directly below it that says, “Sell on Amazon.” You will then receive prompts to enter your product’s information to be added to the list of sellers. Amazon will need the data listed below to approve your item for sale:

  • Condition: this refers to the state of your product, namely, whether your product is new or used.
  • Price: Amazon will recommend a lower listing price to give you an edge on the competition
  • Quantity: this refers to the number of this specific item you have in stock. 
  • Shipping Method: You have two shipping options to choose from.

Your last task is to finalize your listing by clicking “Save and Finish.” Now, all you have to do is wait for buyers to nibble. 

So, to recap how to sell products on Amazon: 

  1. Source your home for free items to sell
  2. Open a free Amazon sellers account by choosing “individual sellers account”.
  3. List your product on Amazon by finding the product’s listing in Amazon’s database, adding your name to the list of sellers
  4. Finalize the listing by clicking “Save and Finish”. 

Shipping Your Products to Buyers

Once you’ve made a sale, you must ship your products to the buyer. You can mail the item yourself or send your item to Amazon using their Fulfillment by Amazon program, in which Amazon stores all your products and ships them when you make a sale. Depending on the products you sell, the Fulfillment by Amazon program might be a more cost-efficient method for shipping.

While you are unable to ship your products for free, there are a few tricks you can use to make shipping as cheap as possible:

  1. Choose light and compact items to sell: Logically, the lighter and smaller the item, the cheaper the shipping cost. This is a great beginning strategy to save on fees until you have accumulated enough capital to invest in larger, more expensive items to sell.
  1. Save all the packaging material you receive from purchases and presents to reuse when shipping the items you sell. 

How to gauge your items’ saleability

Amazon has a great resource called the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). You should take advantage of this to gauge your item’s salability. The BSR works by ranking each product in Amazon’s listed items database by giving it a score. 

They base their scoring on how many items fall under the listed name sell in a designated period. The lower the score, the better the salability. Consequently, an item with a low score of 2 will sell thousands of that item in the same period of time it takes an item with a high score of 500,000 to sell a mere handful of that item.

As you go through your home, taking stock of all the items you have lying around, you should search for each item’s BSR to see if it’s worth your while to list them.

Items to Sell on Amazon Without Any Money

If you are just starting out with a small amount of capital to invest in, Amazon is an accommodating platform to use for selling your inventory. 

To ensure that your items will sell quickly, you can use the BSR resource we mentioned above as a good indicator for consumer demand. That said, we provide you with a list of 15 items that have a good selling reputation on Amazon so that you have a good idea of where to start.

1. Books

We are sure you know that Amazon got its start with books, as one of the pioneer online booksellers. It follows, then, that books remain a popular sale item on the platform. Plus, you probably have at least a dozen books you’ve already read lying around the house collecting dust on the shelf. Why not spread intellectual wealth while acquiring monetary wealth in the process?

2. Clothes

Clothes are some of the best items to sell for free on Amazon because they are plentiful, in high demand, and the older or outdated articles of clothing tend to come back into fashion for subsequent generations. 

3. Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts may not be something you have lying around, but their unique qualities can often launch them up to best-selling status.

4. Custom Products

Similar to handmade gifts, custom products require time and effort, which is a form of monetization in and of itself. However, custom products are guaranteed to sell to the clients who ordered them specially made, to begin with. Therefore, if you are an up-and-coming artisan, your custom products can gain clientele quickly on Amazon.

5. Jewelry

Like clothing, jewelry is a popular item to accumulate and sell as your taste changes. Jewelry ranges in price but selling cheap or expensive jewelry is easy on Amazon because accessorizing will never lose its appeal. 

6. Headphones

Headphones are popular items that are both light and relatively cheap, which are two outstanding characteristics for first-time sellers with little capital, to begin with. Electronics are one of the best-selling categories on Amazon, with the majority of them scoring low on the BSR, which means they sell quickly.

7. Smartphone Cases

Just as electronics are some of the bestselling products on the market, electronic accessories follow suit. Everyone needs proper protection for their devices. Smartphone cases are plentiful, lightweight, and easy to accumulate as you upgrade and change devices every year or two. 

8. Video Games

Video games might be the lowest-scoring product on the BSR scale. No matter how old they are or which console supports them, they will always be in high demand, and they sell almost immediately when you list them. Older video games have almost become collector items, and have gained cult-classic status among hipsters, so even if you’ve beat every level of a game ten times over, don’t throw it out. You could end up making back way more than you paid for it.


Tablets fall under the popular electronics category and are cheaper than laptops, computers, and televisions, making them easier to sell quickly. They are also cheaper to ship as they weigh very little and are thinner than most books. 

10. Screen Protectors

Another product with a low BSR score is screen protectors. While these may be considered accessories, we argue that they have become necessities as we don’t know a single smartphone owner who hasn’t learned the hard way just how risky it is to leave your device’s screen unprotected. 

Consumers aren’t too brand loyal to these products either, which may increase your chances of selling them even more quickly without major brand names to contend with.

11. Toys

Toys have a very low BSR score, and if you have a family, you know how quickly your children accumulate them and how quickly they become obsolete to your child’s ever-growing toy collection. Toys are generally very cheap, lightweight, and often become collectors’ items if you make sure to keep the boxes they come in, in good condition.

12. Fitness Equipment

When we say fitness equipment, we aren’t talking about large machines but instead items you need for a home workout like exercise bands, small weights, yoga mats, and water bottles. 

With the recent pandemic, working out from home or in a park has become widely popular, as have workout videos and YouTube fitness channels geared towards using small fitness items that you can easily store in a closet or under your bed. Consequently, the demand for these fitness items has grown exponentially.

13. Board Games

Board games and puzzles are excellent items to sell on Amazon, and we are sure that you have plenty lying around at home taking up space. Both puzzles and board games are part of a multi-billion-dollar industry that, like home fitness equipment, has grown in popularity due to the pandemic keeping us all indoors. 

    14. Video Game Consoles

Just as video games continue to dominate the market, so too do video game consoles. Video game consoles support a specific group of video games, and avid gamers collect consoles as much as they do video games so that they can play them all. Video game consoles of all ages will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

15. Cosmetics

Last and not least on our list are cosmetics. Beauty products like nail polish, hair-care products, and peel-off face masks are tried-and-true products that have been in demand since the beginning of civilization with vast economic expansion and growing online demand.