9 Best Amazon Seller Discussion Forums & Facebook Groups

With a valuation of $1.49 trillion, Amazon is a major force on and off the internet. It’s a great place to set up an online store to make money from home.

But as you start your Amazon sales business, you should know about the best Amazon seller forums. The forums are all over the internet, and you can use them to get advice and stay up-to-date with how Amazon sales work.

Keep reading to learn more about Amazon seller forums and which to join.

What Are Amazon Seller Forums?

The best Amazon seller forums let you ask questions and get feedback on your Amazon sales business. Whether you use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or sell products directly, you can use these forums.

More advanced sellers can share tips and tricks to make the most of Amazon. Newer sellers can ask questions as well, and multiple people can chime in with their experience.

Best Amazon Seller Forums

The best Amazon seller forums for you can depend on your current sales experience. But there are a few seller forums you should know about, no matter how you sell on Amazon.

1. Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central is Amazon’s own forum, and there are tons of sections you can read. If you only join one forum, let it be the Seller Central forums. You can use it to learn the basics of selling on Amazon, and you can also get help resolving customer or sales problems.

The US Announcements section includes updates from Amazon staff, so you can get access to those updates. Another section covers account health, so you can make sure your account follows all of Amazon’s rules.

If you’re interested in Fulfillment By Amazon, you can view the Seller Central forums on that topic. Sections include shipping inventory, fulfillment reports and general questions. FBA is a great way to sell on Amazon, so you should take advantage of this part of the seller forums.

You can use the search bar to find topics or questions quickly. If someone has had the same problem as you, you can read the responses. That way, you won’t have to waste time asking the question yourself and waiting for answers.

2. Reddit Fulfillment By Amazon

Reddit fans will love the Fulfillment By Amazon subreddit. This forum is perfect for Amazon FBA sellers, and there are tons of questions and topics. There’s a weekly Q&A thread that you can use to ask and answer all sorts of Amazon sales questions.

Topics include everything from search ranking to inventory management. You can also ask about inventory preparation and shipping. The forum lets you tag your post based on the topic, and you can find multiple new posts each day.

Like other Reddit forums, this one lets you upvote posts so that they get more attention. That can be a great option if you see someone with a similar issue to you. If they haven’t gotten any responses, you can upvote the post so that more people can see it.

The FBA subreddit is perfect for people who already use and love Reddit. You can ask questions and post tips and advice. And if you don’t use Reddit, you can still scroll the forum to look for updates and other information.

3. Warrior Forum

If you want to learn about more than just Amazon sales, consider Warrior Forum. It covers all kinds of digital marketing and sales topics. You can read about digital marketing tips, and you can ask questions about running an online business.

While it’s not specific to Amazon, there is a search bar. If you search for Amazon in the search bar, you can get tons of threads related to the site. You can also put in something more specific, such as Amazon FBA or Amazon tips.

Warrior Forum is a great forum to use if you sell outside of Amazon as well. You can get answers to all of your online business questions in one place. If you see a question you can answer, you can help other forum users.

You can join the forum and read through new posts that pop up each day. Topics include internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and eCommerce. The forum is free, and you can view the posts without an account.

4. The AMZ Tracker Community

Another fantastic Amazon-specific forum is The AMZ Tracker Community. It’s part of AMZ Tracker, but you don’t need to use the rest of the site to access the forums. You can create an account with your email or Facebook account, and you can start participating in discussions.

The forum lets you search by category, so you can focus on seller tools, Amazon SEO or customer service. You can also view all categories if you aren’t sure what you need. When you post something on the forum, you can add the proper tags to make it easier for others to find.

You can also search by those same tags if you need advice immediately. That way, you don’t have to wait for someone to respond. And if the tags don’t cover your question, you can also use the search box or add the question yourself.

The AMZ Tracker Community isn’t as active as some of the other best Amazon seller forums. However, it has plenty of topics and posts that you can read. You can use the information to learn the basics and to grow your Amazon sales.

5. Digital Point

Digital Point is a general eCommerce forum, but it’s an excellent resource for Amazon sellers. You can read through dozens of posts and topics, and you can search the forums to find what you need. However, you can also look at recent posts to learn about new online sales tips.

If you want to post to the forums, you’ll need to create an account. But you can also read the forums to learn as much as you can about online business. You don’t have to limit yourself to learning about Amazon when you use this website.

The forum is great for sellers of all experience levels, and it doesn’t matter what you sell. You can find answers to tons of questions, so you may not need to ask them yourself. And as you gain more experience, you can contribute to the forums.

You can search the forum by recent posts, or you can use the search bar. While this forum isn’t specific to Amazon, there are tons of posts about making money and increasing Amazon sales.

6. Amazon FBA Sellers – No Gurus Allowed

While many of the best Amazon seller forums are for all Amazon experts, Amazon FBA Sellers – No Gurus Allowed is just for sellers. You can be new to the game or have some experience, but you have to be an Amazon seller.

This group isn’t open to people looking to sell courses or other products about Amazon FBA. It’s not a place for reviews or to promote your Amazon listings. The Facebook group has a list of rules you need to follow to stay part of the group.

Once you join, you’ll be able to see the posts, and there are dozens of posts each week. Over 47,000 people are in the group, so you can learn from many people and their experiences. Then, you can use those experiences to improve your business.

You don’t have to be a complete beginner to use this forum, but this is for sellers who want to give and get answers. If you want a quick way to sell your products, this group isn’t for you. But if you want to connect with other Amazon sellers, you should join this group.

7. Amazon sellers

Another great support group on Facebook is Amazon sellers. The group is perfect for individuals and small businesses that sell on Amazon, and you can use it to get help. As long as you have a Facebook account, you can join, but you can’t see the forum without joining.

The group prioritizes adding value to posts, and you should avoid posting your listings. You can’t promote your Amazon business either, but the group is an excellent place to network with other sellers. As you learn more, you can contribute to other people’s posts with relevant answers.

Being a Facebook group, it’s free to join, but make sure you follow the rules. You should use this group as an educational tool rather than a marketing funnel. If people want to learn more about your business, they can ask you directly.

The group has almost 60,000 members, and there are tons of new posts each month. They don’t allow any promotion or any post embellishments, like photos or polls. As long as you keep it simple, you can use this group for advice and networking.

8. Online Seller DropShipping Ecommerce Tools

If you want to focus on dropshipping with Amazon, you should join the Facebook group Online seller DropShipping Ecommerce Tools. The group is open to the public, so you don’t have to join it to see the posts.

However, you won’t be able to post or comment without being a member. Members can ask questions and share resources, so you can learn all about dropshipping and selling online. You use the information for selling on Amazon or another online platform.

The group is somewhat active, and you can find new posts regularly. You can also search the group for older posts if you have a general question. Like other seller forums, you can’t promote your listings in the group, but that means it’s a great place to learn.

You can use this group to learn about selling on and off of Amazon. So if you want to grow your business online, this is an excellent resource. As you learn more, you can answer other questions and give feedback to your fellow members.

9. Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers

The Facebook group Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on wholesale on Amazon. Other groups don’t focus on this topic, so you may not learn as much about it from other forums.

Selling wholesale isn’t easy, but you can get specific advice from this forum. You can use the group to meet other Amazon sellers, and you can learn from each other. You’ll need to join the group to access the posts, but there are new posts almost every day.

Whether you want to start by offering wholesale or adding it to your current business, you should join this group. That way, you can get specific feedback and tips based on your business goals.

This group has just over 16,000 members, and new posts pop up regularly. While it’s not as big or active as some of the other best Amazon seller forums, you can learn a lot here.

The Best Amazon Seller Forums: Final Review

If you’re looking to grow your Amazon business, you need to join the best Amazon seller forums. You can use the groups to learn about selling on Amazon, and you can find tips and tricks as well as updates.

A good place to start is with the Seller Central forums since Amazon runs them. However, you can also look at Facebook groups and other forums for more information.