7 Genuine Benefits to Having Amazon Brand Registry

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know how competitive the market is. Umpteen vendors are vying to grab the attention of the same customers to purchase their items, with some misrepresenting their products to make a sale. It is a legitimate concern that other suppliers will copy your listing and market their possibly inferior products falsely as yours.

To protect its sellers’ intellectual property and prevent customers from buying fake copies of products, Amazon launched its new and enhanced Brand Registry services in 2017. There are currently over 350,000 brands enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, so they must be doing something right! How can Brand Registry help your business?

What Is Amazon Brand Registry? 

Amazon created its Brand Registry program to protect companies and manufacturers who sell their own brand of merchandise on Amazon from counterfeit sellers and listings. It identifies and blocks sellers that misrepresent their items as another company’s product and gives the brands tools to help with their sales.

As per Amazon’s brand name policy, a brand is “a name that represents a product or set of products.” If your brand is part of the Brand Registry, your products must have a distinct logo, name, and packaging features that are different from other similar products.

In order to use the Brand Registry, you must have a registered trademark displayed on the items you’re selling on Amazon as well as fall into one of the seller categories below:

  • Manufacture your products
  • Sell products under your own brand name
  • Sell your private label brand
  • Manufacture white-label items
  • Are distributors with authority from Amazon to have trademark content
  • Are not selling sports or entertainment collectibles, media, or books

The Advantages of Using Amazon Brand Registry

The Brand Registry ensures products from a registered brand are genuine and offers sellers features and tools to help them succeed in selling on Amazon through its Enhanced Brand Content. There is no cost to join the Registry, although you will need to pay for a trademark if you don’t already have one.

  1. Brand Protection 

Amazon Brand Registry protects your brand name and logo from being used illegally by other sellers. As per Amazon, they blocked over 2.5 million accounts from publishing plagiarized listings and prevented over six billion fake listings from being sold!

Amazon’s brand protection team operates 24/7 to investigate accounts and listings that are suspected of copying a protected brand. They make sure logos, images, and ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) are not being improperly used. 

They check for:

  • Listings that use your logo but are not your brand’s items
  • Products that are not your brand’s but use your trademarked name 
  • Sellers who ship products from countries where your brand is not sold

If another product is listed using your registered logo or trademarked information that is not your product, Amazon will remove it. Note that other sellers can sell your product with your trademark, as long as the item is genuinely from your company. They cannot use it to sell another product and misrepresent it as yours.

  1. Control Your Brand Representation 

The Registry offers tools that give you more control over your brand by allowing you to view and manage how your products show on other listings. This ensures that shoppers are getting accurate information about your product even when another Amazon seller is selling it.

You control:

  • The product’s title
  • The product’s description
  • The product’s image
  • The product’s ID
  1. Control the Buy Box

Own your product’s Buy Box. The Amazon Buy Box, located on the right-hand side of the product detail page, is where the customers add the items to their cart. Amazon is very selective on which sellers it features in the Buy Box. As a verified brand, your account will claim the product’s Buy Box.

  1. Enhanced Search and Reporting Tools for Sellers

By signing up for the Amazon Brand Registry, you gain access to additional powerful tools to manage your product listings, including:

  • Image search – search for images on other Amazon listings that use your product or logo.
  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) search en masse – search for multiple ASINs to facilitate identifying possible plagiarized listings. 
  • Report infringing content – submit a report to Amazon of accounts and listings you suspect are misusing your brand trademark. Amazon usually investigates and resolves the issues within 24 hours. 

You will also have access to Amazon’s A+ Content Manager tool. This feature allows you to enhance the product listings of your branded ASINs. You can add enhanced images, control text placements, and add a brand story.

As an added bonus, products from registered brands will often appear on the first page of product searches, increasing the likelihood of customers selecting your items to buy. You will be able to add more keywords to your listings, improving the products’ SEO.

  1. Increased Sales by Eliminating Counterfeit Listings

Amazon is quick to remove listings that are improperly using your brand name. Customers who may have purchased the counterfeit items thinking it was your brand will now only be able to purchase your verified products instead.

Now, with Project Zero, accounts using Brand Registry can remove counterfeit listings themselves without having to wait for Amazon’s team! Use Amazon’s scanning tools to find suspected listings and remove them with the self-service tool. 

  1. Increased Visibility with Sponsored Ads and Amazon Storefronts

Sponsored ads are another perk of the Amazon Brand Registry. Sponsored ads will display first when customers search for products. You can choose up to three products to promote as sponsored at a time, which is a great advertising option.

As a verified brand, you will also be able to create Sponsored Brand video ads. The video ads are eye-catching and designed to catch shoppers’ attention. They display midway down the page of product search results and are large; it’s pretty hard to miss them!

Your product’s name, image, price, and reviews will display next to the video ad. The videos auto-play so customers will see the ad even if they are just scrolling down the page.

You will also receive a URL to create your own Amazon storefront. The storefront is a page, or multiple pages, where you can list your products and information about your brand. Consider it your own free mini-website! Amazon has ready-made templates so it’s easy to create them yourself.

You can include your product catalogs, item collections, and sales campaigns on your Amazon store.

  1. Brand Dashboard

The Brand Dashboard is available exclusively for accounts using the Brand Registry. The customized tool helps companies improve their business on Amazon by identifying and optimizing customer traffic, sales, and brand health. 

Brand health refers to the strength of your products’ sales on Amazon. The dashboard gives you the opportunity to review your products for:

  • Prime Eligibility – see which of your products are currently not eligible for Prime shipping. You can then enroll them with Amazon for Prime, which can increase its sales. Customers prefer Prime items over other similar items.
  • Inventory – check your in-stock quantities so your customers never have to wait for back-ordered items.
  • Price Comparison – Use the pricing tool to view how competitive your prices are on Amazon compared to other vendors who sell your products. Make your total price, including the shipping, to be less than the competitive price to increase your chance of being a featured product. 

The dashboard also tracks which of your product listings can be improved. It lists for you which ones are missing images, product descriptions, and which can be helped by adding keywords, sponsored ads, or getting reviews. 

You can easily keep track of your products’ customer reviews on the Brand Dashboard. It is crucial to monitor the feedback to identify any issues or flag abuse. 

Other Available Features under Brand Registry

Once Amazon approves you for Amazon’s Brand Registry, you can take advantage of these additional tools and features they offer:


Amazon’s Transparency program ensures that only authorized products are sent out to the customers. Your products will each be labeled with a unique Transparency code. The items will then be scanned before they are shipped to the customers. The customers can use the Transparency app to scan the item they receive and confirm that the product matches the Transparency code and is an authentic product from your brand.

IP (Intellectual Property) Accelerator

Amazon’s IP Accelerator provides businesses with a directory of authorized IP law firms to help them with registering for trademarks. There are pre-negotiated rates with the listed law firms for filing for trademarks so you can get the best prices. 

Request a Review Button

Ask customers to review your products they have purchased by using the Request A Review Button. This feature is available to sellers in the Brand Registry for orders placed within 4 to 30 days.

On your Seller Central page, go to the Orders section and click on the Shipped tab. Select an order and click Request a Review. The customer will receive an email requesting a review of the product and seller. 

Amazon Early Reviewer Program

If you are registered with the Brand Registry, Amazon can help you solicit reviews from your customers! Reviews help you get further sales as potential customers look for items with a solid track record.

There is a charge per product (ASIN) you want to include in this service. Every time you sell the item, up until you have received five reviews, Amazon will email the customers to provide feedback. Amazon offers customers incentives to leave a review by giving them gift cards! 

How to Register for the Amazon Brand Registry

Before you sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry and take advantage of all the above benefits, make sure your company meets Amazon’s eligibility requirements. Your company must have a trademark issued from one of the following countries: United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the United Emirates, or the United Kingdom.

If you do not have a trademark, you can apply for one in the United States through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

  1. Sign into Amazon using your Seller or Vendor credentials. If you do not yet have an Amazon account, you will need to create one first. 
  1. Go to BrandRegistry.Amazon.com. Under the Your Brands section, click on the link to enroll a new brand. You can add up to ten brands using this method. To add additional brands, contact Amazon’s support, and they will help you add them en masse. 
  1. Fill out the information about your brand to apply for enrollment. You will need your brand’s trademark number and the product categories of the items you sell on Amazon.
  1. Your products and packaging must have your name or logo on them in order to be approved for the Brand Registry. Select Yes when prompted if they do. 
  1. Upload your product and packaging images and logos. Make sure that your branding is visible on the items in the photos.
  1. Enter your website and social media handles, if applicable.
  1.  Fill out the list of the countries where your brand’s products are produced and sold. 
  1. Amazon will review your application to join the Amazon Brand Registry. It takes about two weeks to be approved.

In Conclusion

Amazon’s marketplace offers an incredible opportunity to increase your sales reach, but at the same time, the competition is fierce. The risk of other sellers hijacking your listings or copying your trademarked items is real, and Amazon understands your concerns. Brand Registry will protect your brand’s reputation and boost your sales by eliminating counterfeit listings while simultaneously giving you tools to increase your sales performance.